Face Swap Animal Face Funny Photo Collage Editor 1.0

Face Swap Animal Face Funny Photo Collage Editor 1.0

Description de Face Swap Animal Face Funny Photo Collage Editor 1.0

• Face Swap photo Editor is an Advanced Photo Editor. Face changer photo editor is a FREE photo face swap app. Face Camera Face Swap is a Funny Face changer for kids and adults.

• Animal Face Photo Editor has various animals’ faces. Face Swap with cute animals. Set Dog ears, mouth, tongue, Cat ears, mouth on your photos and enjoy the fun with this Face swap photo Editor.

• Flower Crown Photo Editor has full collection of Flower crowns for Girls and Flower Crowns for Women.

• Face Mask Photo Editor has Clown face Masks, carnival Face mask, masquerade face mask, Eyes Mask, Tiger face mask, Cat face mask, rabbit face mask, Wolf face mask.

• Boys Hair style Photo Editor and Man Hairstyle Photo Editor -It is the BEST Men’s Hair Style App. This Man Hairstyle Design Maker is a hair booth and it has Short and long hair, messy, Curly, Wavy, Blonde, Baby Boy, Spikey, Undercut, Classy, Classic, natural elegant fashionable fluffy style and Celebrity hair styles.

• This My hair style Editor has Popular Boys and Gents Hair styles, fantastic hair style for men, latest hair styles for boys, trendy hair styles, Modern hair styles and newest hair styles, fashionable hairstyles for guys.

• This Man Hairstyle on My Photo is a Hair Style Step by step tutorial and Man Hair style changer.

• Mustache Photo Editor will give you Small, Short and long mustaches, Stylish, Crazy, royal look mustaches.

• Mustache My photo is a Photo Collage for handsome and smart hair and mustache styles photo.

• This Man Hair Mustache Style changer is a Man Mustache Stickers Editor.

• Enjoy the features of this Mustache and Hair Styles Photo Montage.

• Download this Man Hair Mustache photo editor free app and you will definitely recommend this Mustache hairstyle Photo Maker to your friends.

• Mustache Beard Photo Editor is a Mustache Beard Face Editor and style changer.

• This Beard Design Maker has Small, Short, Medium, Long, haircut, Crazy, Stylish, Beards and Mustache designs.

• Use this Beard booth to become stylish and handsome with this Man Mustache and Beard style changer.

• Be a Beard man with this Beard My photo Editor.

• Sunglasses Photo Editor has Men sunglasses and women sunglasses.

• This Stylish Sunglasses Photomontage has Sunglasses stickers like Stylish Sunglasses, Crazy Sunglasses, Small Sunglasses, Goggles, Eyeglass frames and all color sunglasses.

• Impress your friends and family with this sunglasses for men photo editor and Sunglasses for women photo editor. Use this free photo editor and become stylish.

• Tattoo my photo has Fantastic tattoo stickers. It is a Tattoo Photo Editor and tattoo booth.

• Tattoo designer has Tattoo For Boys and Tattoo for Men

• Men Tattoo designs – Tiger, lion, Scorpio, Star, wolf, dragon, Face shape, cheetah, eagle, blades, lizard.

• This Photo tattoo maker has Tattoo for Girls and Tattoo for Women.

• Women Tattoo designs – butterfly, fish, humming bird, crow, peacock, vulture, angle, flower tattoo, women face shape, Birds, tress.

&red;Stickers Photo Editor&/red;

• Emoji stickers

• Smiley Stickers

• Snap Dog Stickers

• Dog ears, mouth, Tongue stickers

• Cat ears and mouth stickers.

• Candy sticker

• Cartoon mouth

• Cartoon Tongue

• Man hat

• Woman Hat

• Birthday Cake


• Take Selfie or Take pics with your camera or select gallery photos.

• Select a Mustache or Beard or Hair from the list and drag it to the right position, rotate it, multi touch to resize it and fit on your face.

• Select and apply sunglass, Tattoo, face mask, animal face and stickers on your photo

• Erase unwanted background.

• Make your pic colorful & Beautiful with Photo color effects.

• You can save the final image and share with your friends or girlfriends on all social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Flicker, Pinterest, Picasa and use Whatsapp profile pic, Facebook profile pic, etc.,

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